Top Facts about Delaware’s Housing Market


Delaware’s real estate business is booming, with home sales in some parts reaching the highest levels ever. The rapid increase in home sales has been contributed by the growing concerns over a possible increase in house prices and mortgage rates.

Besides, the fact that millennials are now entering the market influenced sales and investment. If you are planning to find homes for sale in Delaware, now is the best time to invest. However, it is essential not to rush through the process, especially if it involves legal matters.

Here, you will find insights on how best to invest in Delaware as it becomes a seller’s market.

You May Need A Real Estate Attorney.

Whenever new trends are witnessed in a seller’s market, investors rush to complete the purchases as quickly as possible, especially when there is competition. As a result, concerns or issues with the purchase agreement or the property may be overlooked in the process to avoid a bad deal.

Notably, hiring a real estate attorney is one of the things often overlooked in the negotiating process. In this case, buyers assume that having a real estate agent makes it unnecessary to have an attorney.

However, it would help if you understood that there are some things that the agent can’t do, such as providing legal advice. This form of intervention is critical if the purchase agreement terms appear complex or unusual.

With the increasing competition in the housing market, commonly, buyers want a swift purchase guided by an attorney. The real estate attorney could identify problems with the agreements that could be costly to fix after acquiring the home.

It is crucial to have some of these issues fixed before you complete the purchase agreement. An attorney will help you address financial concerns and clarify the need to find a sale with terms that favor you.

Where to Find Homes for Sale in Delaware

If you are looking for potential investment opportunities in Delaware, you should concentrate your search on places with market leverage and a serene environment. The most important thing is to narrow down the major markets for your preferred investment.

  • Wilmington- House rents are lower in Wilmington and so are homes making it the leading city in attracting tenants from other cities. This aspect makes the city the best option for you as an investor, with the median home values ranging at $160,000. Being the largest city in Delaware, Wilmington has tenants amounting to over 50% of the city’s population.
  • Newark- Newark’s home values are projected to rise 3% this year, with the median home value ranging at $237,000. This value makes homes affordable for investors providing rents of around $1500 monthly per unit.

The rise in the job market recorded last year has contributed to the surge in demand, with tenants amounting to approximately 60% of the population.

The Delaware house market continues to attract more investors with friendly house prices and high demand. Consult a real estate attorney to help you identify Delaware’s safest homes and take you through the purchase process.

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