Rental Property Investment Information


If you think that purchasing a rental property and renting it out and collecting is just that easy you’re very wrong. If you look at it from the standpoint of it being a way to generate extra income then everything looks great because besides the income from the renters you may also profit from housing price increases that have been going up for quite a few years.

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There are disadvantages of being a landlord of a rental property. Being a landlord is much more than just collecting the rent on the first of every month. There is actually real work involved along with high financial risks. Following are a few things to take into consideration before your make an investment in a rental property. Any rental property is unlike any primary residence, the rental property is a real financial investment. When you purchase a home it has more of an emotional aspect than a financial investment in a rental does.

You are an “investor” not just the owner of a property. This means that you have to change your way of thinking and look at this property in terms of profit and loss, risk and reward. There are two main factors that will either make or break you in this kind of investment, namely: 1) Cash Flow – you need to take into consideration how much rent you can collect for this property every month, and then what will be left over after the mortgage payment, maintenance costs and other varied expenses; 2) Appreciation – appreciation cannot be relied upon by owners of rental property to make their investments profitable.

A rental is really a business and is subject to the basics of supply and demand just like any other type of business. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems renting your rental if properties like yours are in short supply. It is true that vacancies are your worst enemy when you are trying to generate a positive cash flow from your rental property. Vacancies not only don’t generate any income they also cost you money. Before you invest in any rental property you should protect yourself by making an evaluation of the rental market.

Check the frequency of rental listings in your local paper and talk to all of the realtors and property managers in the area that you can. Rental properties in such certain neighborhoods near schools or universities have a higher demand for rentals than others. When you own a rental property you are in business, you are not just an investor. In order to run your business successfully you must be willing to commit enough of your time and resources that are necessary. It is imperative that you understand how much money and time you will have to spend before you make an investment in a rental property whether you are actively involved on a daily basis or you hire a manager to run the business for you.

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