4 Ways Property Management Portals Reduce Customer Price Sensitivity

Customer retention is essential to enduring success in the crowded property management industry. When customers are left unsatisfied, they’re more likely to move on to another service provider. In the book “Strategic Customer Service,” John A Goodman determined that customers who are sensitive to price are most likely to churn.

For property managers, that sensitivity refers to the cost of service, which inevitably rises annually. In 2019 the rent increase guideline for stabilized apartments in New York City was set to 1.5%-2.5%, the Ontario rent guideline for 2019 was 1.8% increase, in British Colombia that number was 2.6%, and in California the average rent increase expected to be limited at 5% in 2020.

According to Goodman, the fewer problems customers have with their experience, the less sensitive to price they will be to price, increasing brand loyalty and customer retention. Included in Goodman’s book are customer service elements that impact retention.

Here are 4 ways the OneLink owner and tenant portal can help property management increase those elements and drive retention.

Staying Informed

Instantly upon logging into their customer portal, owners and tenants are presented with a global overview of all account related information, including maintenance, arrears, and community announcements. This information is connected to the INFO-Tracker back office and updated in real time, so whenever customers are logging in, they are always connected to the most current updates.

Fast Interactions

Using the online portal system, owners and tenants can make requests directly to property managers at any time of the day this eliminates the time customers spend waiting for business hours to commence, or in phone queues. When property managers begin work, they can see all requests that have come in and addresses them faster on a priority basis.

Consistently Good Service

The portal provides customers with self-service functionality reducing the volume of calls incoming calls and foot traffic for property managers to deal with. Most of the time consuming and administrative work that is streamlined by owners and tenants who are processing requests and making payments online independently which not only enables faster turnaround times on customer requests, but also creates more time for property managers to focus on more pressing issues and deliver quality customer service organization wide.

Proactive Help

The OneLink portal suite keeps property management companies prepared for anything. The software allows organizations to adapt to unexpected emergencies or disasters by enabling continued functionality on any device. All data is secured on the cloud so companies could continue service in the case of an extenuating circumstance without any gaps in knowledge.

Customers want smooth, friendly, and fast service without problems, the comprehensive property management accounting software allows property management companies to deliver this level of service in volumes to not only to maintain retention rates but to increase them significantly.

The OneLink customer portals offer seamless and fast service that facilitate quality customer service to not only maintain customer retention rates but also increase them significantly.


Property Management Made Simple

An easy, fast and efficient method for landlords to handle their home profile with minimal trouble.Even home supervisors, or home developers who supervise work by staff under them, would fall in love with simple and efficient employee management and workflow analytical system to calculate site work time, workers efficiency, payday settlement, renting, and so on. This is a multi-purpose utility tool that has currently made its way into every industry requiring workflow. But, when is it the right time to acquire this resourceful scheduling or timesheet software from Deputy?

Being perhaps a home supervisor or a landlord is definitely an arduous process. There’s often an unlimited listing of careers that require to become looked after, whether you are building perhaps a huge collection or a simple home. There are maintain everything working efficiently, getting the strain out-of everyday duties and many landlord home treatment applications provided by home management teams to assist home owners in controlling their home.


Installing the application supplies an effective and easy method for one to handle your qualities. It is smartly created, the specialists in application improvement have produced simple to use functions to look after your particular needs stealth employee monitoring software. Having a swipe of the hand you are able to electronically manage all duties using its crucial functions.


Managing Tenants
Rental payments
Power management
Lease review
Assessment reports that are home
Safety assessments that are yearly
Rent administration
Printing annual/ regular funds that are taxable.


As it pertains to tenants and managing rent the application could not allow it to be easier if it attempted! You-go towards the sub-section you’ll need, press the image and immediately you can include new tenants, keeping their shifting day and tackle, in addition to their private information i.e. telephone number and agreement finish. For lease you simply have to choose the home inside your profile, identify Property brokers fee, rental charge and the day and also youare categorized. This preserves lots of efficiency and period within the long term, meaning you are not pursuing tenant facts or any late funds.


This really is yet another reason this application is very helpful, although everybody knows that attempting to continue top of annual tax statements could be a headache. It enables you to do your personal book keeping on the go, by signing all of costs and your revenue, when and where you required, to continue top of one’s balances. Should you arrange your personal sales within the long term this is more good for your accountant and sometimes even on your own. Continue, this implies you are able to evaluate annual and regular reviews using the touch of 1 hand, in addition to monitor your fees producing your End-Of Year returns statement easily accessible, and print-off for the rewards.

Exactly the same structure can be used when signing Costs, again these are stored in one single spot, and you will quickly enter home expenses through their personal home details and record essential expenses such as for example interest-only mortgage, Money Mortgage, Repairs, Insurance, Cleansing, brokers included etc.


Reasons for Hiring a Property Manager

Among the most lucrative choices is property as it pertains to opportunities. Nevertheless, to achieve the advantages you’re searching for you have to ensure that your institution is in shape. Among the greatest methods to decide your property’s health would be to choose for home situation statement providers. With this specific support, great benefits that may complement their requirements can be obtained by landlords. Here are a few of the following.

To improve earnings

Among the major causes landlords want to get a house situation statement would be to permit their earnings to improve. Obviously, by obtaining a rigorous statement of their property’s health, they are able to create repairs, modifications, and renovations. As a result of this, their establishment’s worthiness may improve which could also help enhance their earnings quickly.

To prevent costly maintenance

Due to their Home renovation management Auckland would be to prevent expensive maintenance the following cause landlords want to get a house situation statement. Repairs are extremely very important to lure prospective tenants to rent your home. Nevertheless, once they relocate, tenants must shoulder each one of these costs. Having a house situation report also enables landlords to possess great observations concerning the situation of the home which could assist them make sure that their home will be left by tenants in good shape as observed in the statement.

To ensure stability of the institutions

Another cause landlords must have a house situation statement would be to guarantee their establishments’ stability. For tenants, stability is essential when trying to find institutions even to book or to rent. Therefore, landlords with statement may make sure that their possible tenants is likely to stay in a trusted and secure institution. As a result of this, great tenants who’ll be take excellent care of the institution will be found by them.

To eliminate incidents

Lastly, having a house situation statement also enables landlords to have reduce incidents. They occur whether your institution is outdated or fresh. But, broken institution functions commonly cause several of those incidents. For example, surfaces could possibly get slick when discharge systems are blocked. Consequently, tenants might slide which could cause severe accidents. Obtaining reviews from trusted personnel can, each one of these problems resolved quickly.