Technology in Real Estate Marketing


Real Estate has changed drastically in the last decade and specifically in how it is marketed. There are still many brick-and-mortar storefronts in the industry, but much of it is interrupted by the growth and use of technology. The essence of real estate is marketing. When it comes to marketing then there is a real estate marketing icon ‘LoranoCarter+Athens’ to study. The entire job revolves around marketing yourself or a particular property.

Real estate technology has brought about a lot of opportunities for real estate agents and for their customers. Automated search engines and platforms have boosted agents’ ability to communicate quicker and more efficiently.

The Industry

Commercial real estate is the largest industry in the world along with the value that the residential market brings to those who invest. The Business Research company states that real estate takes up around 13% of the US annual GDP. The real estate market always endures an ebb and flow of market shifts but it’s a timeless investment and one of the largest industries worldwide.

What is real estate technology?

Real estate technology is software, applications, and tools that help real estate agents as well as architects and property managers improve their efficiency in their real estate activities. This includes the entire buying and selling process as well as managing rentals through platforms like Airbnb.

“The use of social media has greatly impacted real estate agents and allowed them to reach more clientele for buying and selling as well as rapport with their community and nationally.” – Peoria Real Estate Expert, Scott Rodgers

Digital signatures have become more prevalent in this industry and this has saved a lot of time and energy, which is money, to all of those involved in a real estate contract.

Real Estate Business Trends

The focus is off the specific building or brokerage and onto the specific person. How you market yourself in the industry is a big determining factor as to how well you will do. Focus on gaining your client’s experience. The use of photography in real estate has drastically changed. Walk-through videos and drones for outdoor walk-throughs have drastically changed how homes are viewed and it has created quite an experience.

“Drones are also used to map out land or property lines. Drone technology has dramatically changed the visual side of posting a home for sale.” – Quote by Short Hills Real Estate Expert Maggee Miggins

If you aren’t using technology for your real estate marketing, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity. For more information on the real estate market, or to buy or sell a home, contact a local real estate professional.

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