How to Prepare your Home for the Spring Selling Season?

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Spring is the busiest selling season in terms of real estate activity. As the weather gets better and warmer, buyers feel more motivated to go on a house hunt. Homebuyers hope to finalize a property before the surge in prices. That’s what encourages sellers to put up the “For sale” sign on their houses. House sellers can walk away with hefty profits in the spring selling season if they get a grasp of the current trends in the market.

However, you should remember that the benefits of selling houses in spring also bring out the competition. You’ll have to outsmart everyone in showcasing your property in the best possible light and making it stand out from the rest. To get your home noticed, you’ll have to make it appealing by working on its exterior and interior both. Home improvements can go a long way in getting the attention of buyers in a busy spring selling season.

As a seller, you’ll have to prepare your home before putting it up for sale. This way, the chances of your house getting noticed will increase by two-fold. It will result in receiving a higher price for your home. If you’re planning on preparing your home for the spring selling season, then you’re at the right place.

Let’s begin by learning, why is this season ideal for home selling?

Why is spring season ideal for home selling?

Property sellers often wait for spring to put their houses on sale. The primary factor that makes spring an ideal season for home selling is the weather. Spring brings blossoming gardens, sunnier days, and pushes away the cold and rainy seasons. Buyers are more motivated to go out and look at houses.

Additionally, spring days offer longer daylight hours. Buyers are also anxious about locking in properties so that they can move in before summer and the beginning of the new school year. That’s why the market sees a rise in buyers’ numbers in spring. On the other hand, sellers work to beat the competition and quickly grab higher prices for their homes.

Prepare your home for spring selling season

Even though more people buy homes in spring, the competition for selling homes remains tough. To get the best deal out of the spring selling season, you need to develop a strategy to increase your chances of getting an excellent result. First and foremost, you’ll have to work on your house’s staging and presentation quality.

Take a look at the following steps that you need to take to prepare your home for spring selling season:

1. Clean up the entire house

It would be best if you started by giving a complete cleanup to your home to make it ready for the spring selling season. Make sure you clean all the glass windows, doors, and decorative pieces from inside out. Dust out the dirt, clean out the cobwebs and vacuum your entire house.

To give it a fresher look, wash all the curtains, blinds, sheets, and other fabric accessories. Clean all the mirrors, switches, fittings, taps, doorknobs, etc., and polish them for extra shine. Steam clean your carpets, clean out closets and drawers.

Give extra attention to the bathrooms and kitchen, get their tiles and floor shining and spotless. Hire professional cleaners if you need help.

2. Make the exterior attractive

Your house’s exterior will give buyers the first impression of the property. Exteriors are a significant factor that buyers take into account while choosing a home. Therefore, it’s essential to make it attractive.

Work on your front and back yards. Clean and tidy them. If necessary, use a pressure washer to clean the garden and the driveway. Rake off the fallen leaves on the driveway and the front and back yards. Make sure you pull out weeds from the yards and trim the grass and tree branches to polish the exterior view. Hire professionals to clean out gutters, basement, and the roof.

Fertilize the dead or yellowing patches on your lawn and trim it to give it a tidy look. You can paint your fences with a fresher color that complements the rest of the exterior. You can also make your entrance more welcoming by adding plant pots and flowers. Keep your garden-fresh by watering the trees, bushes, and flowers.

Small changes can go a long way in making the exterior of a property attractive. Make sure you remove all the rusty furniture and any other unnecessary items.

3. Remove all personal items

You must take out all the clutter and personal belongings from the house you’re going to put up for sale. Remove all the things that display your personal impact on them. Providing a blank canvas to the buyers so they can imagine their own home inside the property is critical.

If you can’t remove everything, make sure you display it in a tidy and attractive setting.

4. Stage and decorate the interior

Staging your home is the most important step of preparing it for the spring selling season. It increases your chances of attracting people from specific backgrounds and can land you a higher price. Real estate agents play a vital role in the staging process. They can guide you on what to display with staging and which design you should choose to highlight.

Staging can be done by renting new furniture or hanging pretty accessories and sophisticated artwork to increase the appeal of your home’s interior.

You can make improvements to your interior on your own as well. Changing rugs, hanging fresh towels and linens will make a lot of difference. Arrange curtains in a way that they let in natural daylight to give a natural aesthetic to the interior décor. You can add flowers and play relaxing music to add to the aroma of your indoors.

5. Do repairs and maintenance

Inspect your home keenly, and get all the issues fixed. If there are any plumbing problems, get professional help to fix them. Look for any other defects or flaws that can be repaired.

If your carpet has stains, get them removed by professionals. Give a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceilings to make them look new.


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