Find A Great Apartment Using These Apartment Rental Tips


Before renting or even searching for a new apartment, a potential renter must be prepared. A little advance effort can save both time and money in that search. These apartment rental tips can help anyone be ready to find a great apartment.

People choose apartment areas based on different reasons. Some may want to be close to a job or school. Others may think it is important keep a child in the same school district. Apartments can also be chosen based on the immediate neighborhood, or an especially nice part of town. It is easier to search for an apartment if one has narrowed their choices to a specific area.

There are many places one can look to search for an apartment. The newspapers and other print ads are great ways to get information about current vacancies and rental amounts. There are even publications all about apartments and these ads may have pictures and other information. The internet can be a wonderful resource in your apartment search. Many apartment complexes will have a website that describes the amenities and provides pictures and contact information.

Before visiting any complex, it may be best to call and schedule an appointment. This can save wait times when you arrive and ensure the office is open and a leasing agent will be available to meet with you. While on the phone with the leasing consultant, take the opportunity to ask questions. Be sure to ask about amenities, parking and lease terms.

Before being shown an apartment, a potential renter will likely be asked for a picture id. This will usually be copied and left in the office while the apartment is being shown. The requirement will not usually be waived, so make sure to bring picture identification.

As you are being shown to a unit, look around the complex. Make a note of any amenities you see like a pool or playground. Ask about parking, and observe the parking areas as you pass through or by, taking care to notice lights and darker corners. Take note of potential neighbors and look over the grounds for cleanliness and upkeep.

If after viewing an apartment, you are interested in renting a unit, be sure to have your picture id, social security card, and proof of your current income. The leasing agent or manager will not usually be able to run the application until all of these items are turned in. Ask about income, rental and credit requirements. If you are unsure if you meet these requirements you can ask about possible exceptions. Some places may be willing to have a co-signer be responsible for your rent. Some may be willing to accept an additional deposit as security for possible unpaid rent.

Because there is usually a credit check fee or application fee, which is typically nonrefundable, you should be sure you meet the requirements before applying. There can be a holding deposit to hold the apartment while the application is being processed. This may be refundable if the application is denied. Ask about deadlines and refund dates and get a receipt when paying any fees or deposits.

The ideal apartment is out there and can be found. Anyone can search and find just the right apartment and complex to meet their needs. These apartment rental tips can help prepare a potential renter for their search and make it an easy road to a new home.

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